Over The Door Pocket Organiser


Over The Door Pocket Organiser door pocket organiser denim pocket organizer for boys accessories 1000 X 1000

Over The Door Pocket Organiser - Just a couple months ago I went over to fix a pocket door that was shutting at a weird angle. This was the first time I'd ran into this type of scenario and was undoubtedly confused. I began looking inside the pocket door frame and got a flashlight. I had a hard time discovering the issue but when I did it was evident.

The bottom of the door would stick out about an inch and a half passed the door jam as the pocket door was skidding shut it would work perfectly but when you went to open it. There was no solution to reach the screw because it absolutely was at that very back of the pocket door frame near the framing itself.

This was the sole thing I would require an easy wall patch and could think of and some paint to make the repair complete. This job took me to cut the hole and replaced the screw that had fallen out of the pocket door track. Then I use some quick setting drywall plaster and some fiberglass drywall tape to mend the wall. This took another hour in order to complete the drywall properly.

Some pocket door issues are a little easier to fix than this one. Most pocket doors seemed to have issues falling and eventually are left shut, never to be utilized again. Painting the doors over and over again can actually increase the thickness of the door or excessive moisture in the house over long periods of time also can make the door to swell preventing it from opening properly.