Valli & Valli K1204 Pocket Door Privacy Mortise Lock Set


Valli & Valli K1204 Pocket Door Privacy Mortise Lock Set knobs etc llc door knockers 9231 X 4800

Valli & Valli K1204 Pocket Door Privacy Mortise Lock Set - Just a few months ago I went over to fix a pocket door that was closing in a strange angle. It was the very first time I had ran into this kind of situation and was undoubtedly lost. I began looking within the pocket door frame and got a torch. I had trouble finding the problem but when I did it was apparent.

The bottom of the door would stick out about an inch and a half passed the door jam, as the pocket door was slipping closed it works perfectly but when you went to open it. The problem turned out to be as the door slid back into the framework the tracking would hang down at an angle from the weight of the doorway and the track was missing a screw in the back that was very. There was not any approach to reach the screw because it absolutely was at that back of the pocket door frame close to the framing itself.

To be able to correct the pocket door problem, I would have to remove an excellent sized area of the plastered wall in the top right hand corner of the pocket door frame. It was the only real thing I would require a wall patch that is simple and really could think of and a few paint to really make the repair complete. I then use some fiberglass drywall tape and some quick setting drywall plaster to fix the wall. This took another hour to complete the drywall correctly.

Some pocket door issues are a little more easy to fix than this one. Most pocket doors appeared to have issues sliding and eventually are left closed, never to be properly used again. Painting the doors over and over again can actually increase the thickness of the door or the doorway to swell keeping it from opening correctly can be also caused by excessive moisture in the house over long periods of time.

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