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Weiser Door Knobs Troy - For the adornment of your house, you definitely want to have the hottest and greatest accessories to make your home appealing. With this, the doors of a house must be outfitted like handles which are crucial components with tempting hardware. Many of these have got popularity all over the world due to quality and their suitability. Here I am really going to let you know about some important information about two types of door handles - door knobs and door levers.

Door knobs are actually the original form of door handle which is favored by many users that have an interest in adding highlights to their house. These come in many types and styles. Chrome and brass door knobs can be found by you among many others. Generally, knobs are sphere round or egg-shaped shape. Modern manufacturers are adding designs that are different too. The most frequent styles of door knobs are seclusion knobs, keyed entrance knobs, passageway knobs, commercial knobs, and dummy knobs.

Privacy knobs can be locked from the inside. For major entrance areas like garage doors and front doors, keyed entrance knobs are perfect due to the key mechanism specially created for exterior door hardware. In case of dummy knobs, merely decorative functions are considered.

They are generally selected for dwellings where there are elderly individuals, children or disabled who are not able to grip handles with much force. Levers will also be accessible different materials, including brass or nickel door levers.