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Grub Screws For Door Knobs - Porcelain door knobs are perfect pieces of door hardware. They are able to add a little style as well as sophistication to your own doors. These door knobs could be installed efficiently on any type of door. Just like other door knobs, porcelain knobs will also be available for different functions like entry, passage, privacy, and dummy. The entry porcelain door knobs are completely working with locks and latches. Passing and Privacy sets are used on toilet and bedroom doors. Porcelain dummy knobs create a perfect addition to your own cupboards and cabinets.

Usually, porcelain knobs come in an entire set of two pieces. They are obtainable in various sizes. But, 2 ¼ or 2 ½ diameters are measured by the typical ones. Most porcelain door knobs feature a short iron, brass or bronze stem. A fitting backplate can also be supplied in some cases. The backplates usually come in five different finishes - polished brass, antique brass, satin nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Porcelain door knobs are available in a choice of colors as well as finishes. Black, white, and brown are the colours that are common. Ivory and almond colored door knobs will also be available. You may also find a good choice of embossed and hand-painted porcelain door knobs. Porcelain door knobs also feature a number of styles. Victorian layouts to the current styles are available in the market. Prairie and meadows would be the other designs that are popular. Both round and oval door knobs are available.

To keep the first look and finish, porcelain door knobs must be dusted regularly. They could be cleaned using warm soapy water. Attempt to avoid abrasive cleaning materials, as they could damage the porcelain. You can purchase porcelain door knobs from some of the door hardware manufacturers. Most of the versions include a restricted lifetime guarantee that is mechanical. For convenience, spindles rosettes, along with other mounting accessories are supplied with the porcelain door knobs.

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